Service Projects

Madison County Outreach

This project is a community service vehicle for our chapter. This project serves the community by reaching out in areas where assistance is needed. We have worked with various groups in the past, but are focusing our efforts on larger service projects this year. Advice is taken from our Board on which direction to head for the service year. In the past JAMC has worked with Sunnybrook, Hope Hollow, and MADCAAP! This year our project, Madison County Outreach, is broken into two parts - Safe Sitters and Norma Carol Ezell's Sick Free Schools.

We can coordinate with other individuals to help with additional service needs. You may use our 'Contact Us' form if you have specific needs.

Safe Sitters Courses:

The JAMC is very fortunate to have the opportunity to partner with Madison County Fire Department to help us host these courses for the boys and girls in our community. The courses will be held at The Complex at 1239 Highway 51, Madison. Please visit their website at

The Safe Sitters course will be offered to teenage girls, ages 11 and up, in an effort to prepare them for babysitting.The 'safe sitter' course will accept only 10 sitters per class. The course  will teach correct methods of CPR, first aid, and other emergencies.

For more information on our Safe Sitters programs or to reserve your spot, contact Brittany Skok,

Sick Free Schools Campaign:

This project is designed to help schools in the Madison County area and provide our teachers with supplies to help their students stay sick free during the school year. A campaign was started to have our members and our community donate items, such as Clorox Wipes, Lysol spray, Kleenex, and Hand Sanitizer for these classrooms. Our committee packed up the supplies and donated to schools throughout the community.