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Julie Tipton C/O 2006

"As I look back on my six years of service, I realize just how much more I gained and grew as a person than I ever gave back to the children of Madison County. From the hours at the GBS to the monthly meetings and events at Sunnybrooke, the Boys & Girls Club, and Hope Hollow my heart and life will forever be changed by these experiences. I feel so blessed to have gotten to know you all and to be a member of JAMC."

Bill Richardson, Germantown High School STEM teacher, Teacher Grant Recipient 2012

"I used the electronic kits that we bought with the grant money to teach a unit on electronic theory and circuit building. Many of the students loved it and made one famous comment to Mr. Lawrence (Algebra Teacher) ... the students said, 'this is the first time I have used Algebra for anything outside of math class... and i like it.' I had two students attend the Technology Student Association competition, Randy Townsend took first place and Reece Dent took third place. We will use the kits again at a national competition in Orlando, Florida. The kits were invaluable and would not have happened without JAMC teacher grants."